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Lately, I am feeling such a desire to meditate.
The time is now.

Lately, I am feeling such a desire to meditate.

The time is now.


I want to focus on the energies I exhale into the world, whether through my thoughts, my words, or my actions.

I want to listen to the energies that I inhale, that are brought back to me.

All energies cycle through me; I can transform them, and I can observe them.

I want to be the tree, supple and strong, that knows how to bend with the wind when it blows.

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(by Andrew Kearton)
People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.
Dalai Lama (via fuckyeahyoga)

Hello, world! Some things about me:

I am a freshman in college.

My passion is health and wellness, but as a means to embrace life, not restrict it.

I believe I am beautiful, whole, and perfect the way I am.

My soul speaks through music; I love to sing, to play the violin, viola and piano, and to listen.

I feel I am an old soul.

My spirituality is very important to me; I believe we are a part of something much greater.

I love to learn, to explore, to discover.

I cherish love above anything else.

I am choosing to live a life full of empathy.

Among many other things, I love coffee, chocolate, berries, the ocean, Finland, sunshine, laughter, herbal tea, yoga, walking, journaling, nature, the universe, Sudoku puzzles, the color yellow, and feeling the seasons change.